Young people

We welcome young people to all our services but also recognise that more relevant approaches to church may be more helpful.

We partner with The CUBE to support ecumenical events where young people can gather together socially and to worship.

We are starting to explore the creative arts as a way to worship God that young people can participate in. We already have young people involved in music and art and will are looking to extend this to drama, dance, filming and photography.

Come and join us at N.Compass or Live-in-3D. You may even discover some secret gift you didn’t know you had.

We are currently looking for two apprentice youth workers to join us and work with our young people.

For more information about these opportunities email dawn@harborough-anglican.org.uk


Pathfinders meet in Great Bowden church hall on alternate Monday evenings 6.30pm – 8pm to explore ideas about life, God the world and each other! 
Young people from across the towns churches are welcome to come along to explore faith in a fun and engaging way.
The group is aimed at young people in school year 6 and above.
Contacts Simon Bentley 01858 463919
Helen Trotter on 01858 433850

Pizza Club

Pizza Club meet on the first and 3rd Sundays of each month at the Methodist Hall 5-7pm. It is for children and young people from age 8 (year 3). It is a social way to enjoy two of our favourite things together; Jesus and Pizza.
Contact Susie Collis 07789 816835


N.Compass meet at The CUBE on Symington Rec on alternate Sunday evenings 7pm – 8.30pm. It is for secondary school age young people and is attended by young people from different churches in the town.
Contact The CUBE 01858 419278

Live-in-3D at St. Hugh

Live-in-3D is a youth worship event at St. Hugh church aimed at young people of secondary school age. It takes place on a Friday evening, twice a term 6.45pm-8.45pm.
Contact Jo Giles 01858 682155

If you would like to join the Live-in-3D worship band they practice on Tuesday evenings. They play at the
Live-in-3D youth worship event.
Contact Ady White 07484 879043

Pop up groups

We have pop up groups for young people that last for a short time. This summer term there is a social group for those in year 10 and above who just want to get to know each other.
Contact Jo Giles 01858 682155

In October we have Taste and See starting, a six week group for those wanting to explore faith further. This is for those in secondary school and will be particularly helpful for anyone thinking about baptism or confirmation.
Contact Dawn O’Connell 01858 464396