Home Groups

Church in a Pub

Fourth Wednesday of every month at the Shoulder of Mutton,
The Green, Great Bowden. Just turn up for 8pm.
Contact Eddy Crowe  eddycrowe@hotmail.co.uk.

Home Groups


Across the Harborough Anglican Team we at present have 7 Home Groups. They vary in when they meet, how often they meet and their content; some are more prayer focussed, some more Bible focussed.

Each of them is a wonderful place and opportunity for nurture, growth and companionship in faith and on the Christian journey.

Frequency of meetings

Weekly or fortnightly is the norm. Some groups choose to meet for terms and have breaks at certain times of the year.


Group numbers

Membership numbers vary but a minimum of 6 is helpful for a good discussion. Numbers tend to be capped at how many will fit a home!



Most groups have someone acting as leader or coordinator. This isn’t always the same person
as the host.

Meeting place

The groups meet in homes across the town but do meet in the same place each time.


Joining a Home Group

To find out more please contact one of the clergy or anyone you might know who is already a member of a home group and we will try to find the right group for you to join. You would be very welcome.