Community Outreach

Members of our churches are involved in many different and varied ways in our communities, especially in voluntary and charitable roles.

The Harborough Anglican Team works together with the other members of ‘Churches Together in Harborough’ (CTH) in much of our outreach to the local community, seeking to identify needs and respond in loving
Christian service.

There are 4 principal projects sponsored by CTH:

The Christian Counselling Service - ‘The Bower House’

The Harborough Christian Counselling Service is located at the Bower House in Coventry Road, and provides help, support and encouragement in the form of Christian counselling to the local people of Market Harborough and District at times of crises in their lives.

Its aim is to empower and help people make their own decisions in appropriate ways to enable them to satisfactorily come through these crises. Whilst the workers will be Christians, the service is available to people of all faiths or none.

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The Credit Union

As a not-for-profit members’ cooperative, it will provide a broad range of affordable, sustainable and ethical services to our members and will encourage the development of good financial practice. It aims to support the local community and in particular those who are excluded from mainstream banking.

Clockwise Credit Union has been running for over 7 years in Market Harborough, and is sponsored by Churches Together in Harborough. Clockwise Credit Union is a community based savings and loan co-operative which offers a wide range of financial services. It offers a professional and positive approach to providing practical and affordable solutions to meet people’s financial need. Help is being given not only with safe loans and cases of need, but also with saving and the wide use of money.

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The Cube

The CUBE Youth Project recently finished development of their new Youth and Community Centre, located where the old bowls pavilion on Symington's Rec used to stand. They also meet regularly with young people at Robert Smyth School on Wednesday lunchtimes.

The Cube team is motivated by their Christian faith to care for all young people in our society. To love all our neighbours no matter what their background, race, sexuality, gender, of faith or no faith, or disability of any kind. We want to nurture mutual trust, personal and collective responsibility. They want to develop an authentic young peoples’ community which is hospitable, diverse, inclusive and accepting – a beacon of social justice and hope.

To achieve this they provide a safe environment for all young people from 11 years to 19 years of age. They help and encourage them to make right life choices for their benefit and the benefit of society.  They care, listen and have dialogue with young people to help promote healthy self esteem and positive relationships in all aspects of their lives.

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Street Pastors

Street Pastors is a national inter-denominational Church response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue. It was pioneered in London in January 2003 by the Ascension Trust. It is run in partnership with local police, Councils and other statutory agencies.

A team of street pastors goes into the parks, skateboard parks and areas where the young people congregate and then later on in the evening they walk around the town meeting people outside the pubs and clubs. They now patrol on alternate Friday and Saturday nights providing guidance and a point of contact for those who need help.

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In addition to these 4 CTH projects we support the work of
The Jubilee Foodbank.