Children & Families

Our team churches value our children and we aim to see them have fun and grow in the knowledge of God’s love.

Each Sunday we have regular groups for 4-11 year olds or an all-age services for the family, at St Dionysius, St Peter & St Paul’s and St Nicholas. We also have crèche areas in all our churches for the smaller ones.

St Peter & St Paul Sunday Club

Held in the church hall three Sundays a month at 10:30 and rejoin parents at communion.


St Nicholas Children’s Activities

Held in the churches extension at 10:45
three Sundays a month and rejoin the parents
at communion.


Please see the services page to see each churches all-age services.

During the week we run three regular mother and toddler groups, all are open for any children of pre-school age and their parents or carers.

Di's Ducklings

Pre-school children meet in St Dionysius church on Thursday mornings 10 till 11. Term-time.
Contact Emma Dowman or Dawn O'Connell via the Team Administrator (see contacts page)



Pre-school children meet in St Nicholas church extension Tuesday mornings 9.30 to 10.30
in term time.
Contact Judith Burdon 01858 467531.


Lubenham Lambs

Pre-school Church group on Thursdays 2 - 3.00pm
in the Vestry at All Saints Church, Lubenham,
in term-time.
Contact Sussie Clements 01858 432548

We also run a weekly term time group for years 6, 7, and 8:


Pathfinders Youth Group (years 6,7,8)

Meets every other Monday evening in term-time at St Peter & St Paul Church Hall, 6.30-8pm to explore ideas about life, God the world and each other!

We chat, play games, do exercises to help us think about the important stuff, have fun, discover what the Bible has to say, catch up on the news and always make time for prayer at the end.

Contact Simon Bentley 01858 463919
or Helen Trotter on 01858 433850.


Thoughout the year we hold many other seasonal activities as well as the regular group.

Messy Church

Messy church is held at St Dionysius, St Hugh and All Saints. This takes place at a variety of times throughout the year (please see services for details) and is open to all members of the family. We have crafts, games, food and fun with a short time of singing and stories.

ABC Course

ABC course (Admission of the Baptised to Communion) happens each September, this course
is designed to help children have fun while understanding the meaning behind the Eucharist. Once it is completed they will be admitted during a communion services so they can join us for
the Eucharist.