Church for all ages

Our team churches value all children and families and we want to see them encounter God and enjoy being children of God no matter how old or young they are.

We advocate children learning about faith from the adults around them, whether that is at home or at church.

Children and families are welcome in all our services and in those that are more formal you will find spaces set aside where children can engage in less formal ways.

We are working to have regular services in all our churches that are planned with families in mind.  

Our Children, Young People and Families diary is published each term and includes all our services, activities and events that are planned with families in mind.

Check the dates and times of all our church services.

All Saints, Lubenham

All Saints have regular all-age services for the children and families they know through their local school and their toddler group.
Contact Revd Jack Wixon 01858 439974

St Dionysius, Market Harborough

St. Dionysius have a weekly Sunday morning service for all-ages that is informal and all-age led.
Contact Revd Andy Giles 01858 682155

St Hugh, Market Harborough

On Sunday mornings at St Hugh you will find a special children’s space where children can relax during the more formal style church service.

St. Hugh also have a Messy church on Saturday afternoons. They also have special services for families to celebrate the Christian festivals.
Contact Revd Alison Iliffe 01858 440225

St Nicholas, Little Bowden

St. Nicolas have a monthly all-age service planned with families in mind. The local uniformed organisations and their families are very welcome to join us at this informal, family friendly service.
Contact Revd Alison Iliffe 01858 440225

St Peter & St Paul, Great Bowden

St. Peter and St. Paul have an all-age Café style church service every month and a Messy Church on Saturday afternoons.

On other Sunday mornings at St Peter & St Paul you will find a special children’s space where children can relax and explore in their own way.
Contact Revd Bryony Wood 01858 469109


Messy Church is held at St. Peter and St. Paul church in Great Bowden, and at St. Hugh in Market Harborough.

Messy Church in Great Bowden usually meet in the church on Saturday afternoons between
4pm - 6pm.
Contact Margaret Powell 01858 434282

Messy Church at St. Hugh meets in two venues; St. Hugh church hall and St. Nicholas church hall.
They usually meet on Saturday afternoons between 4pm - 6pm.
Contact Gillian Baverstock 01858 465653

Upcoming Messy Church dates are:
Saturday 21st September at St P&P
Saturday 5th October at St Hugh
Saturday 16th November at St P&P
Saturday 30th November at St Nicholas

Toddler groups

During term time we run three affordable weekly toddler groups for children of pre-school age and their carers.

These groups are perfect for new mums looking to get to know other mums.

They are also a good place to start if you want to find out more about church or considering a christening.

SNUGS, St Nicholas

SNUGS meet at St. Nicholas Church on Tuesday mornings 9.30am – 10.30am.
Kirsty Blanco leads the team who run the group.
Contact Kirsty via the team office 01858 469330


Lubenham Lambs

Lambs meet in the vestry at All Saints church in Lubenham every Thursday afternoon 2pm-3pm during school term time.
Contact Revd Jack Wixon 01858 439974

Di's Ducklings, St Dionysius

Ducklings meet in St. Dionysius Church on Thursday mornings 9.45am – 11am.
Catherine Pickersgill leads the team who runs the group.
Contact Catherine Pickersgill 01858 465876


Families of faith

If faith is caught by children, what is it we are throwing to them? Are we throwing the sort of faith that will get them through the challenges of growing up in a fast-changing, performance driven world? Is it the sort of faith that is exciting, life giving and fun that makes them love and want to change the world?

In Deuteronomy we are told two things about teaching faith to our children. Firstly, we are told how we should love God ourselves, and secondly, we are told to talk about our faith all of the time.

So, all we have to do is love God and live it and our children will catch it from us.

If it really is this easy, why do half our children not make it to 18 years before they stop being part of the church they have attended for most of their childhood. And those that make it to 18 are very likely to have left faith behind by the time they graduate from university.

If we are throwing a soft, cuddly, cosy ball of faith designed for babies and we don’t let our children in on the real challenges of living a life of faith how will they ever catch something that will sustain them. How will they learn how faith works in the tough times if they only see a soft, cuddly Jesus?

The colourful beach ball reminds us of summer fun, sand and sea.

It also reminds us how easily it is to be blown around with the wind, sometimes into sharp dangers that threaten to pierce and take the fun out of it.
In our efforts to make faith something attractive to children we can wrap it up in fun at the expense of encountering God.  When we lighten our expectations for our children they can end up with faith that is just an add-on where they are easily blown around by the comings and goings of the world and what seems like fun is no more fun than anything else they could be involved with.


Basket ball is a skilled team game where big is best and getting the ball into the basket first time is crucial.

If we live a basket-ball type of faith where we strive to hit the mark every time, we can find ourselves showing faith that is unattainable and relies on us and what we can do. Living in God’s grace not only allows our mess to reveal God’s amazing love and acceptance to our children but also gives us a deeper grasp of God’s love for ourselves.


A cricket ball type of faith is one built to last and to survive no matter how hard it is hit.

It’s made of strong leather, it’s sown together with the strongest of thread and when it is thrown it is with purpose and direction. We all want to see our children growing in a faith that is built to take knocks and last them a lifetime.
Whether we are church family, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends we can all be purposeful in the sort of faith our children are catching from us by deepening our own faith and letting our children see the difference it makes in our own lives.

Resources to help us pass on faith to our children