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A deposit of £50 will be required when the booking is made. The balance of the Wedding fee should be paid in cash not later than one week before the wedding. If it becomes necessary to cancel the wedding booking, which should be done in writing to the Team Co-ordinator, the deposit will be refunded. A list of Wedding fees is available from the Team Office. These fees are current from January 1st to 31st December each year.

  St Dionysius St Nicholas St Hugh St Peter & St Paul All Saints
Organist £90 £90 £90 £90 £90
Organist for extra search/rehersal £20 £20 £20 £20 £20
Choir £60 £60 £60 (not Fridays)   £60
Video Permit £15
Enables you to record organist and choir. If you use pre-recorded music you must also obtain a Video permit from www.videolicence.co.uk/faq.asp
It is important to understand that this Video Permit only grants permission to record the organist and choir at the service and is not a copyright Licence which you will need if you are using pre-recorded music. A copyright licence is a legal requirement and it is your responsibility to provide this licence. A copyright licence can be obtained by visiting www.videolicence.co.uk
You may, if you wish, bring in your own organist by agreement with us, however, we will still charge the above fees for our organists.


    £140 £140

Printed Service Sheets - Please see price list for full details here
(pdf document)